Performa/LC 5xx Series

Logic Board

To get to the logic board, unsnap the plastic back panel from the back of the machine. You may have to take out some screws first. You can wrap your finger around two of the ports and pull firmly to remove the motherboard.

Hard Drive

Follow the steps from the logic board, but instead of pulling the logic board out, push down on the tab by the hard drive (it's on the upper left side) and pull the hard drive out.

CD-ROM Drive

Put a screwdriver in the hole under the front of the case. Push firmly while pulling down on the bezel that has the CD and floppy holes. You will hear a terrible noise but don't worry, you haven't broken anything. Use that same screwdriver to pull the CD-ROM drive out (put the blade into the hole on the bracket on the underside and pull).

Floppy Drive

Use the same steps as the CD-ROM drive, but pull the floppy drive out instead of the CD-ROM drive. Don't use the screwdriver to pull it out, though. Be careful, a floppy cable is attached to it. You can disconnect it after pulling the floppy out.

Information provided by Doug Brown.