PowerBook 3400 and G3 250 MHz

Logic Board

Because PowerBooks have complicated internals, I do not include instructions on removing the logic board. Included, however, are instructions for getting to the RAM slots.

Before opening a PowerBook, you should unplug it and remove any devices in the expansion slots such as CD-ROM drives, floppy drives, batteries, and PC cards.

To get to the RAM, you need to remove the keyboard. Turn the computer upside down and remove the three screws on the bottom of the case. Turn it back over and lift up the lid like you are opening it up. Pry up the front of the keyboard and tilt it over so it rests on the trackpad and the wrist rest. Be careful, ribbon cables are attached to the keyboard. The RAM card is a pretty good sized card on the left side of the PowerBook.

Hard Drive

Follow the steps from the logic board without pulling the board out (don't bother disconnecting the cables either). Then, disconnect the cables from the hard drive, push the clip down and slide it out.

CD-ROM Drive

The CD-ROM drive is an expansion bay device, so simply remove it.

Floppy Drive

The floppy drive is an expansion bay device, so simply remove it.

Information provided by Doug Brown.