Power Mac/Performa 6400/6500 Series

Logic Board

The logic board in this model is very easy to remove. Remove the 2 logic board security screws from the rear of the machine. Grab the two tabs and pull the logic board out of the back of the machine.

(Note that in the above picture, the side panel is removed, you don't need to remove it to remove the logic board).

Here is the removed logic board:

Hard Drive

First, you need to remove the front panel. There are two tabs underneath the front panel, push up on them. You'll have to pull it pretty hard. Remove the front cover.

The hard drive is positioned vertically on the left side of the front. It's shown in the next picture:

Push the tab you can see to the right and pull the hard drive out far enough to disconnect the cables on the back of the hard drive.

CD-ROM Drive

Follow the same steps as the hard drive to remove the front panel. The CD-ROM drive is at the top, but below the Zip drive.

To remove the CD-ROM drive, lift up on the tab below it and pull the CD-ROM drive along with it's drive sled out.

Floppy Drive

Remove the front panel which is described in the hard drive section. Lift up the tab and pull the floppy drive out as shown in the picture in the CD-ROM drive area.

Zip Drive

First, remove the front panel as shown in the hard drive section. Next, you need to remove the top front panel. Push on one end with one hand while using a screwdriver in the other hand to release latches on the other side. You might hear a noise that sounds like you broke something.

It might help to look at the following pictures first, to see what the latches look like. Notice that this machine doesn't have a Zip drive.

The Zip bay is shown at the top of the next picture. To remove the Zip drive, simply pull up on the latches just like the CD-ROM drive or the floppy drive and slide it out. Be sure to disconnect the cables from the back. You could probably put another kind of SCSI device up in that bay - the cables are already provided as you can see.

Special Thanks to Ivan Vecerina for the wonderful photos!

Information provided by Ivan Vecerina.