Performa/Power Mac 5xxx Series

Logic Board

The logic board in this model is easy to remove. First, turn the computer so you are looking at the back of it. Remove the two screws that hold the back panel on - one is near the expansion slot on the right side, and the other is near the ADB port and expansion slot on the left side. Pull the two latches under the backside of the machine down and tilt the panel up and remove it. Swing the wire handle out and pull the logic board out with it. (This may require a bit of force, the other end of the logic board is connected to a socket).

Hard Drive

Remove the back panel just like you are removing the logic board. The hard drive is in the lower left corner. Remove the IDE and power cables from the hard drive. Pull the latch under the hard drive up and pull the hard drive out.

CD-ROM Drive

Find the two "latches" on the underside of the front panel of the machine. Stick your fingers in the holes in them and pull them down. Swing the front panel up and remove it. Pull up the latch that holds the CD-ROM drive in and pull the CD-ROM drive out.

Floppy Drive

Follow the steps for the CD-ROM drive to remove the front panel of the computer. Just like the CD-ROM drive, pull up the latch that holds the floppy drive in the chassis and pull the floppy drive out. The floppy drive has a ribbon cable connected, be sure to disconnect it.

Information provided by Doug Brown.